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The Venice Carnival attracts more than half a million tourists every year. It opens with an ancient Venetian festival –the Festa delle Marie, which celebrates the rescue of 12 Venetian girls abducted by pirates from Istria. Commedia dell'arte performances are put on in the Piazza San Marco, following which the spectators are showered with tonnes of confetti. The carnival parade then begins. There are concerts in the city squares, fireworks displays, carnival-themed shows in the theatres, and masquerade balls in the city's old palaces. You will see the locals out and about dressed as the world-famous characters of Italy's commedia dell'arte.

Come and enjoy the most spectacular and breathtaking performances during the carnival opening – a unique time that allows visitors to feel and relive the twenty-year history of the world-famous Venetian ball.

We can organise gourmet dinners at Venice's exclusive hotels or in apartments in the palaces on the Grand Canal, musical and theatrical shows with masks, singers and a live orchestra, and participation in a costume ball at one of Venice's palaces. You will enter the fascinating and exotic world of movement and grace of historic Venetian balls.


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