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Luxury & Services Rent

12:10 / 13.02.2017

Since 2006, LUXURY & SERVICES RENT has been at the forefront of supercar hire in France and Monaco, providing both self-drive vehicles and chauffeur services. This company is renowned in the industry for its wide range of premium cars and its efficient, friendly service. The company has car rental agencies in the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera), Paris, and Courchevel in the winter period. We can also deliver luxury cars for hire to any destination throughout Europe. Their clients can choose to pick up their vehicle wherever they wish: at the foot of a private plane or of a scheduled flight, at the bottom of the slopes in a ski resort, at the entrance to a chalet or villa, at any hotel in any city... And we cn do this anywhere in continental Europe or on a Mediterranean island. 


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